What We Do

Lending, Accounting & Financial Planning

Mortgage Brokers make their money in front of clients; not behind a desk.

Accountants want to be doing tax planning and winning new clients; not doing book keeping or chasing invoices.

Financial Planners need to be advising clients; not spending their nights writing 100+ page statements of advice.

Lending/Mortgage Brokers:

Our Loan Processing officers assist by taking care of the applications, paperwork, updating and communicating with clients and helping out Mortgage Brokers manage their diaries and work loads.  We can also update and manage social media accounts, update databased and keep track of clients who are due for a renewal/rate review.


Our candidates can take care of your administration tasks, billing, book keeping and data entry workload.  As a professional you skills are needed to do the high-level tasks requiring thought and careful consideration.  Strategic advice, tax planning, forecasting.  Let our staff take care of the rest.


Financial Planning

With the recent legislative overhauls in the Financial Planning sector; the level o documentation, audit and ultimately the workload required for a statement of advice or insurance quote has doubled.

With one of our skilled Para-planners or Planning Administrators; we can take the majority of the paperwork requirements off your hands.  Our team conduct the preliminary research, provide you with the data with which you can put together your recommendations.  We also manage your database and keep track of which clients are due for a rollover or review, manage the ongoing documentation and tackle to constant email flow.



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