What We Do

Trades and services

Trades businesses need to be on the tools earning revenue; not spending their days and nights pushing paperwork!

Australia is built, maintained, cleaned, painted and transported by thousands of trade businesses.  Many trades business struggle with balancing the actually trade work along with the administration tasks, phone and email answering, ordering and book-keeping, website management and social media (and the list goes on).

A skilled Virtual Assistant with relevant industry experience provides the solid administration support needed; so you can focus on the work at hand and managing your trades-people; rather than battling with the ever- growing admin workload.  Let our team manage incoming phone and email enquires and filter these for you; ensuring you only get the essential tasks to deal with.  Our VA’s will handle your bookings/cancellations, payments, ordering and book-keeping.  We can even update your social media and website material.

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